The Cave City School District is pleased to partner with the Cave City Pharmacy to provide parents the opportunity to have their student vaccinated at school on Friday, August 27th.  Students aged twelve or older are eligible to attain their first shot of the Pfizer Vaccine once their paperwork is turned in to the school.  A Privacy document and a Vaccination Form will both need to be signed by parents who are interested.  Forms will be available on the School Facebook Page and on the District Website this week.  Forms can also be sent home and will be available in the Middle and High School Offices.  Ms. Jenny Davis and her Team from Cave City Pharmacy will administer the vaccine at no cost to the student.  The second dose is planned for Friday, September 17, also at school, as a parent service.  

Click on the links below to access the TWO needed forms!

1.  COVID-19 Screening Consent Form For Student Vaccination

2.  FERPA Student Form